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Covid-19 has accelerated consumer ecommerce adoption. Online shopping is booming. Unfortunately, that dramatic growth ushered in a new wave of fraudsters. Even the smallest merchant is now a target of worldwide fraud.

  • The growing sophistication of global fraudsters,

  • Balancing frictionless consumer experiences with modern fraud prevention,

  • The two essential data types for detecting ecommerce fraud,

  • Barriers to a successful prevention program.

Tim Knoles is a product marketing manager for Ekata, where he focuses on Pro Insight, Ekata's manual review solution, and on bringing new product features to the ecommerce market.

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Armando Roggio is the longtime senior contributor of Practical Ecommerce. He is the host of CommerceCo by Practical Ecommerce, a community, and an ecommerce entrepreneur, developer, and consultant.

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Ekata enables merchants of all sizes to make accurate risk decisions faster than the blink of an eye. Ekata's global identity verification data allows merchants to separate good and bad customers, prevent fraud, reduce chargebacks and false declines, and provide a superior user experience.

Fighting Fraud in the New Age of Ecommerce

Webinar: Streaming Video + Ebook

Webinar: Streaming Video + Ebook

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Companion Ebook

Ebook: Ecommerce in 2020 and Beyond.

Registrants will also receive a free companion ebook immediately to read, download, and save.

Registrants will also receive a free companion ebook immediately to read, download, and save.

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